๐ŸšจEmergency Withdraw

In the case our website is down because of Elon Musk or whatever, your tokens would still be safe as there are in the blockchain.

You can do an emergency withdraw at anytime, but be aware you won't get your WEREWOLF rewards if you do this. Please use normal withdraw method if you're not in an emergency case.

You can make an emergency withdraw of your staking by doing this:

1) Go to our contract's BSCScan:

2) Click on "Connect to Web3"

3) Go to "emergencyWithdraw" function.

4) Enter the number of the pool (PID) you staked your tokens in, then hit "Write" button. Accept transaction, you get your tokens.

5) Here is the list of our pools with their numbers (PID):

  • For WEREWOLF farm:

  • For BLOODMOON farm:

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