๐ŸŽ‰VIP Access Card (NFT)


Some of the farming pools on the Bloodmoon project are VIP only. We have 31 pools in total:

  • 22 normal pools

  • 9 VIP pools

You need to have the Werewolf VIP Access Card in your wallet in order to use VIP pools.

Take a look to the benefits of these pools:

  • Higher multiplier and APR

  • Lower deposit fees (2.99%)

  • Fewer stakers so better rewards

What you can do on VIP Pools:

  • Deposit: NFT required

  • Harvest: NFT required

  • Withdraw: NFT not required

  • Emergency Withdraw: NFT not required


You can buy the NFT here now!


The max supply can be increased, but only if the community wants it through vote.

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